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Three Compartment Serving Dish

This delicious dish is perfect for any winter meal. The three compartment serving dish is perfect for holding all of your eats. The white three compartments are perfect for either small or large items. The cardinal design is perfect for making sure your dish is pure and pureth thine eaters.

Three Compartment Serving Dish Target

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Three Compartment Serving Dish Walmart

This dish is a great for use in an americana fireworks set up. It has three compartments that can easily hold your fireworks. The dish is made of plastic and is very durable, making it ideal for use in many sets. It comes with a storage container that can house your fireworks, and a warranty. this is a brand new three compartment serving dish from dainese. It is a bamboo handle version of the white porcelain dish that is already a part of the dainese menu. This dish is perfect for a quick service or for serving up a variety of foods. The tri-compartment handle makes it easy to carry around and the bright green design is attractive. This dish is also dishwasher safe which is always a plus. this vintage etched glass three compartment covered serving dish is a great way to keep your dinner under control or gift giving a major coup. It comes with two cups and a spoon, so it's perfect for busy kitchens with a lot of food. The three compartments are athenian, so your food is always clean. The dish is made of solid glass, so it's durable and easy to clean. this vintage italy dish is a great way to serve up some pasta or dessert. Theurious victorians stakes the dish with a rooster and fields a three compartments. The icing on the cake is the great color and beautiful painting on the sides. This dish is a perfect addition to any kitchen.